Gainesville Chiropractor for Pinched Nerve Pain

Pinched Nerve Pain Chiropractic Treatment

Is Your Nerve Pinched?

A nerve that is compressed is described as a “pinched nerve”. This happens when a vertebra is out of position and putting excessive pressure on the spinal nerve. Unfortunately, even the slightest pressure can limit mobility, induce pain and weakness within the body. There are many ways to cause a pinched nerve:

  • Sleeping in an unnatural position
  • Sitting in a position for long periods of time
  • Working out & lifting weights
  • Auto accident

An irritated nerve in the neck usually shoots pain down the arm. A Chiropractic Treatment will free the compressed nerve. Our Gainesville Chiropractors will readjust & realign the spine. Performing a chiropractic adjustment to the neck will ease the pain caused by a pinched nerve.

Recognizing symptoms for a pinched nerve

  • Difficulty Sleeping – are you experiencing sleep disturbances?
  • Weakness. Are your muscles weaker than usual?
  • Sensation of “Pins and needles.” Does the affected area feel like pins and needles?
  • Numbness. Are you having numbness in your legs or feet?
  • Sharp Pain. Is pain radiating from your back to your legs or from your neck to your back or shoulders?

Chiropractic Treatment for Pinched Nerve

Our Gainesville Chiropractors are prepared to realign your vertebrae, removing pressure on the nerve. A chiropractic adjustment will re-position bones, relax muscles and alleviate pain. In case your chiropractic adjustments are not enough to fix your pinched nerve, we will recommend the following:

  • Developing good posture
  • Properly stretching your back
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Incorporating strength exercises
  • Incorporating flexibility exercises
  • Resting
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